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Family Commissions Memorial Garden

This design is really special to us. The homeowners allowed us to transform their backyard into a place of serenity that would always remind them of their beloved family member. It is an honor to have a part in helping them cherish the life of their loved one every day.

Memorial Garden

Thrilled to be entrusted with such a meaningful project, Thrive Landscape and Design brings decades of expertise to design and install a serene memorial garden in the backyard of homeowners who lost a loved one. The xeriscape design incorporates a harmonious blend of various sizes and colors of stones, carefully selected plantings, inviting benches for reflection, and winding pathways that invite exploration and contemplation. Each element is thoughtfully placed to create a peaceful sanctuary, honoring the memory of someone dear while providing a comforting space for the family to find solace and healing amidst nature's beauty.

A Special Space

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